Jason Klinefelter

Jason has spent his career as an entrepreneur running businesses in both the service and retail sector. His current business spurred from a family tragedy that has had Jason genuinely serving the public safety industry for the past 18 years.  At the age of 44 he is ready to take his career to a new level helping others grow themselves and their businesses through personal coaching and training. In addition, Jason serves as the President of the Brian Klinefelter Memorial Foundation where he intends to use the Youth Max curriculum in the foundation's mission to "Grow Great Kids!". 

"I change people's lives through the development and understanding of emotional intelligence and the impact it has on maximizing yours or your teams potential."

As a Certified Executive and Leadership Coach,  Certified Human Behavior Consultant, and with over 23 years of leading people in a competitive business environment, Jason will help you develop and understand your own mind, belief system and habits.



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