About Us

At Provision, we believe cultivating strong relationships is at the center of all our
success – at work, at home and in the community. So, we’re dedicated to facilitating the
process of understanding one another better. We do that through training to learn more
about ourselves, others and how our brains work and, our favorite, in small groups
through the proven process of reflective conversations.


Our Mission

To empower individuals and organizations to cultivate transformational relationships by
bridging the gaps, gaining perspective, and creating a culture committed to relational
health and wellness.


Our Vision

To be a trusted expert and catalyst for change in the field of relational health, guiding
individuals and organizations to shift from transactional to transformational relationships
through the integration of reflective thinking, self-awareness and practical strategies.

Angie Klinefelter - MS, LMFT, IMH-E

Angie's authentic, genuine approach to people and relationship building makes her the perfect consultant or speaker for your next training or reflective consultation. Her credentials and background will speak for themselves but it is her ability to connect with people that gets her invited back from our clients over and over again.